Best Restaurants in Cornwall – Top 10 in the City

Best Restaurants in Cornwall Top 10 in the City

In this article, we have talked about the best 10 restaurants in Cornwall, let’s dive into it.

Best 10 Restaurants in Cornwall – Top 10 in the City

1. Porthminster Cafe

Porthminster Cafe

The restaurant also believes in being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. They try and recycles and reduce their wastage. A trip to Porthminster beach is never finished without a meal at this restaurant.  

his restaurant is built on the famous beaches of St. Ives. The restaurant overs perfect food with a perfect view.

The Porthminster Cafe is an award-winning seafood restaurant specialising in Mediterranean and Asian seafood cuisines.

The dishes here not only taste good but are presented in the best possible way. The place also has some amazingly delicious vegetarian and vegan options.

2. Appleton’s


This restaurant is near the Trevibben Mill Vineyard, so you will need proper navigation to reach it. The restaurant is owned and run by Chef Andy Appleton, a former head chef at another popular Cornish restaurant, Fifteen Cornwall. 

Chef Andy’s style is unmatched as he focuses on things that go beyond the recipes. The restaurant is famous for its unique Italian dishes with a Cornish touch to them. The restaurant supports local suppliers and shops.

Their philosophy is using high quality and seasonal ingredients, and Chef Andy doesn’t make his dishes unnecessarily complex or cluttered. 

3. Paul Ainsworth at No.6

Paul Ainsworth at No 6

One of the restaurants that come on top when it comes to the local’s choice is Paul Ainsworth No. 6. This restaurant is situated in a small townhouse in Padstow and isn’t one of the restaurants that believe in views or ambience but speaks with its food.

The food at this place is truly unique and very flavourful. If this wasn’t enough, let me tell you that this is a Michelin star restaurant.

They serve Modern British food with locally sourced Cornish produce. Paul Ainsworth’s No. 6 is a perfect place to enjoy a good meal with even better and warm service. 

4. RickStein

Rick Stein

The Seafood Restaurant is a very old restaurant that was opened up in 1975 by Rick Stein and Jill Stein. Slowly and steadily, it became one of the most renowned restaurants in Cornwall. And as the name suggests, the restaurant specialises in seafood.

The restaurant believes in serving fresh and local produce. The place is usually busy, so you should even try the breakfast dishes if you can’t get in for dinner. They are mind-blowing. 

5. St Tudy Inn

St Tudy Inn

There are stylish and elegant rooms where you can stay and have a lovely retreat. The restaurant is not only very relaxing but the service and staff are very warm and welcoming. It is a perfect place with all boxes checked. 

The St. Trudy Inn is a lovely pub and a restaurant with great food and drinks. The menu is prepared by the highly skilful and lovely Emily Scott, who is now also on the television cooking show “The Great British Menu”.

The menu has some modern British flavours with French and Italian influences. 

6. Outlaw’s


The Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen is situated alongside the harbour of Port Issac and serves relaxed and authentic places of seafood. It is a small place so reserving your tables beforehand is highly appreciated. The food is excellent, and the staff is amicable and warm.

The restaurant believes in sustainability and serving fresh high-quality food.  If you are a fan of seafood, there is no way you would not enjoy this fantastic restaurant.

The ambience has a very rustic feel to it and is made inside of a 15th-century Cornish fisherman’s cottage. However, you will have to keep in mind that children below the age of ten are not allowed. 

7. Edie’s Kitchen

Edie's Kitchen

The Edie’s Kitchen is a superb restaurant with a highly experienced head chef. The food is seasonal and local and keeps on changing each month. The restaurant provides you with a very fine dining experience without the world service. 

The restaurant believes in serving high quality and big portioned dishes. They also provide delicious vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

The restaurant has excellent service, and the overall atmosphere of the place is just mesmerising. They offer brunches, a la carte, and prix fixe menu, and the restaurant is also open for lunches on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

8. The Dining Room

The Dining Room

All the food that is served in the restaurant is made from scratch and on the spot, so you do not need to be worried about the quality. You are bound to have a real gourmet and luxurious experience at this restaurant with top-notch service. 

The Dining Room is one of the restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide and is one of the finest in Cornwall. The restaurant is owned and run by Chef Fred Beedles and his wife, Donna Beedles. Their prix fixe menu changes daily in accordance with the best seasonal produce. 

9. Lakeside Cabin Cafe

Lakeside Cabin Cafe

This little establishment is hard to find but is surprisingly pleasant. Located in the outskirts of St. Ives, this restaurant cum cafe seeks to cherish the traditional British eating experience. They are famous for their traditional English dishes like scones.

The restaurant also has some excellent savoury options like steak, soups and more. The restaurant gives off a really cosy vibe with not a lot of crowd. 

The place has everything good food, good view and even better service. It is also called the hidden gem of Cornwall by some locals.

10. Mangia


The Mangia restaurant primarily serves an Italian-based cuisine with some dishes with a hint of Cornish flavour. It is an independent family-run restaurant. The food has an authentic Italian taste and is of top quality. 

Mangia really is a little treasure. Around eight tables in total, well-spaced for social distancing essential to book as all tables were reserved and full.

We visited on a mid-week evening. The staff we friendly and happy to talk through the menu and take time with this. 

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