Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

Top 10 Liverpool Gangster in 2022

You must have come across several gangster stories since you were little. In Liverpool, UK, you can hear real gangster stories from the same area. Yes, that’s true. Liverpool has seen a number of dangerous gangsters, primarily drug dealers who also dealt in intense violence. These gangsters have dangerous minds and crazy nicknames, from big boss baby to the devil. So let’s look at the top 10 gangsters of Liverpool in 2022,

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters in 2022

1. The Lam

The Lam

Liam Cornett’s right-hand man was Michael Rice. Lam’s crimes had such an influence in The U.K that the Home Office had hired additional sources for the detectives. Liam was described as a “constant thorn in the communities of Merseyside”. Popularly known as The Lam, Liam  Cornett was responsible for the supply of class A drugs across The United Kingdom. He belonged to Huyton of Liverpool.

He gained such massive money that he drove a Bentley and wore a watch worth. The police started two operations, one was called Anvil and another as Valkyrie in 2018, which led to many raids across England, Wales, and a few other places. In 2018, the 28-year-old Liam Cornett received one of the heaviest sentences any gangster in Liverpool had received so far.

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2. The Maniac

The Maniac

The story of The Maniac is no less than a mystery movie. He emerged after a Turkish drug lord lost about £12 Million due to a 1,100kg cocaine shipment interception. The Turkish drug lord blamed a businessman through whom he used to ship his drug for his loss.

Though he was behind bars, the Turkish man decided to get his money back and hired a man to do the job.

Through the conversations and calls that the Turkish manmade documents, the cops discovered The Maniac. The Maniac tracked down the businessman’s everyday routine, his family members including his children. He met the businessman’s father-in-law, told him about all the information he had and told him his family owed the £12 Million debt. After which, the old man reported the incident to the police and the Maniac was caught.

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3. The Devil

The Devil

A former martial artist Stephen French nicknamed ‘The Devil’, was also known as the ‘taxman’. He used to loot drug dealers and had a net worth of £20 Million, and it is said that he was the one to put Curtis Warren into the drug trafficking industry. He was once a peace activist and an anti-gun activist.

He claimed he is a changed person now and has left the crime line after he heard the voice of god in 2018.

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4. Mr Big

Mr Big

Paul Massey, popularly known as ‘Mr Big’, started his criminal career at 12. His first crimes included burglaries and theft. Later he was sent to an approved school where he went through a lot of violence somehow learnt to cause it too. Mr Big was jailed in 1999 for 14 years, but over an appeal, it was reduced to 10.

After getting out of jail, he tutored another gang. Later he ran two security companies until, in 2015, he was shot dead by an Uzi executive.

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5. The Iceman

Known as The Iceman because of being a cold shooter, Mark Fellows, a father of two, a sous chef and a fitness freak, is the person who shot Paul Massey, known as Mr Big and John Kinsella. He was a contract killer and received a whole life sentence, something rarely given, in exceptional cases.

6. The Killer

Originally from Huyton, from where The Lam belonged, Charlie Seiga was an old school armed robber. He was nicknamed ‘The Killer’ and used to rob and snatch wages. His criminal career stretched over fifty years by which he was seventy years old. At this age, he said he has been reformed and is a new person.

7. Big Boss Baby

Big Boss Baby

After the leaders of a family-run gang went to jail, Lewis Turner took it over and named himself the ‘Big Boss Baby’. He, along with his partner Antony Morgan, supplied good quality cocaine and MDMA to Cheshire Town. His main job was to collect the money from drug buyers, which involved terrifying violence.

He was then caught and sentenced for conspiracy to supply cocaine and MDMA.

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8. Cocky Watchman

After stealing a car in his teenage years, Curtis Warren, popularly known as the ‘Cocky Watchman’, mastered committing other crimes such as armed robbery. Curtis Warren was nicknamed Cocky watchman because it was slang for a security guard.

Warren went behind the bars, ran an international drug operation, had an affair with one of the officers and also killed a prisoner. He also wrote a biography, ‘ Cocky, the rise and fall of Curtis Warren’ alongside Peter Walsch, whose copy was found in the house of the officer with whom he had a six-month affair.

9. The Bear

The Bear

Rob Boughton was the enforcer of the Tobin drug empire. His job was to collect money from the other notorious gangsters who bought drugs from the Tobin brothers. He was the ‘muscle’ of this drug empire. The empire was destroyed after the officials seized £20 Million worth of cocaine.

Rob Boughton, nicknamed ‘The Bear’, was a former cage fighter but turned to the crime world. He worked for one of the biggest drug empires run by the Tobin brothers.

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10. Docker


Alan Daniels, also known as the ‘Docker’, was famous for shooting people. He was the one who left Charles Baldwin seriously wounded with his gun. Gangs hired Alan Daniels for gang disputes which might lead to shootouts.

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Now you have the list of top 10 gangsters of Liverpool right from the late 1900s. The stories and actions of these gangsters were no less than a movie script but were very dreadful and not wished to be repeated. A large number of people go through a lot of violence, so always look out for your family members if they are being hurt by someone or even involved in criminal activities, and keep yourself aware, safe and happy!

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