Scottish Water Retailers – The Ultimate Guide

scottish water retailers


Scotland is known for having great access to clean, fresh water. But how much do you know about where that water comes from? And how can Scottish residents and businesses ensure they get the best Scotland offers through their water retailer?

In this ultimate guide to Scottish water retailers, we’ll explain the source of Scottish water and how your retailer impacts the final results you get from it.

Where Does Scottish Water Come From?

Where Does Scottish Water Come From

Scottish water comes from a variety of groundwater and surface sources across the country, including:

  • Rivers
  • Lochs
  • Reservoirs
  • Underground aquifers

The exact source of your water will be dependent on where you live. Some of Scotland’s biggest water sources are the Milngavie Water Treatment Works and Loch Katrine Waterworks, which supply water to the Greater Glasgow region.

Other major water supply sources include lochs such as Loch Lomond and Loch Ness and large rivers such as the Spey.

Before any water is supplied to customers, it must be treated to remove any impurities. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) sets strict quality standards to ensure that all water is carefully treated and tested before being supplied. The Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (DWQR) assures quality.

How Do Water Retailers Work? 

Water retailers purchase water from Scottish Water and sell these services to commercial and non-domestic customers.

In Scotland, retailers do not supply water to domestic households, and the cost of water is included in Council Tax bills, which are paid to your local jurisdiction. However, if you are a business or organisation, you must select a water retailer to supply your water and deal with any wastewater you produce.

The introduction of contenders for water and wastewater services in Scotland through the Water Services (Scotland) Act 2005 allowed for the entry of water retailers into the market. Retailers purchase wholesale services from Scottish Water and act as a middleman selling these services to customers at competitive rates.

Though Scottish Water is still responsible for the quality of the water supplied, it is up to the retailer to ensure you get your water reliably and efficiently.

How To Choose A Scottish Water Retailer? 

If you are a business owner in Scotland, you must pick a Scottish water retailer to handle your water supply and waste disposal.

When choosing a water retailer, exploring a few key things before committing is important. The best way to do this is often by checking the reviews left by other customers, as this will help you to see how satisfied their current clients are with their services.

How To Choose A Scottish Water Retailer

Websites like Trustpilot are great for reviewing and will give you a clear impression of how good their services are.

When conducting your research, have a look for things such as:

  • How responsive/reliable is their customer service team? – If you run into any issues with your water supply, it will be important to know you can contact someone at the company easily. Look at customer service reviews to ensure that the retailer is responsive to complaints and queries.
  • How does their pricing compare to other retailers? – Look at a price comparison to ensure you get the best deal possible from your water retailer. Many retailers will offer attractive joining incentives but bump the price up afterwards, so carefully read all of the T’s & C’s.
  • How reliable is their service? – The occasional issue with your water supply is normal. However, if people report consistent issues with their supply, it might be a sign that something is going wrong with the retailer. Before committing, check that their service provides reliable access to water.

These things will help you to make an informed decision on which business water retailer will be able to meet your demands and offer to minimise the cost of your business.

In Conclusion

A water retailer is crucial for ensuring your business maintains access to clean, fresh water and meets legal staff and customer safety requirements.

We hope this guide to Scottish water retailers has helped you understand where your water comes from and why, as a business, it’s important to pick a Scottish retailer who works for your water needs.

Don’t forget to check customer reviews, business comparisons and price checks before signing a deal with any retailer. Do your research, and don’t get caught out by any scams!

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