10 Reasons to Build a Mezzanine Floor in Your Warehouse

Reasons to Build a Mezzanine Floor in Your Warehouse


Richard Kershaw is the Managing Director at Doity Engineering with over 25 years of experience in Industrial Design. Doity is one of the UK’s top mezzanine design and installation businesses with industry-leading expertise and a unique modular design system called Revlok which can cut mezzanine installation times in half.

Ask someone to imagine a warehouse mezzanine, and the chances are they’ll picture a space filled with shelving. Mezzanines make for great cost-effective storage extensions, but they can be used so much more! At Doity, we know that any industrial warehouse space could benefit from the versatility of a mezzanine.

10 Reasons to Build a Mezzanine Floor in Your Warehouse

1. Mezzanines are completely versatile

Mezzanines are completely versatile

Mezzanine floors can be used for a variety of purposes. As well as additional storage, we have built mezzanine floor extensions that house office space, break rooms and retail showrooms. Whatever space your business is lacking, a mezzanine can be the answer. This flexibility can be particularly useful if your business is growing and you need to extend your facility without relocating.

2. Customisable design

Mezzanine floors can be designed and customised to fit your specific needs and requirements. You can choose the size, shape and configuration that works best for your business. Better still, you can leave it to the experts like Doity to conduct a free site survey and design a mezzanine that meets all of your requirements and fits in perfectly with the design of your warehouse.

3. Cost-effective solution

Building a mezzanine floor is much less expensive than expanding your warehouse or moving to a larger facility. It’s a great way to maximise your existing space without breaking the bank. Expanding your business in any way comes with an element of risk. Investing in a mezzanine helps to minimise that risk and provides quick returns on your investment.

4. Increased productivity

Increased productivity

By adding a mezzanine floor to your industrial unit, you can create more space for employees to work. This can help increase productivity and efficiency since workers won’t be tripping over each other or running out of space. A mezzanine could also be the perfect location for extra machinery that can improve your capacity to help you expand into new products and services. For example, a business that offers white-label products to independent, small businesses could expand into offering e-commerce fulfilment services by using the mezzanine as a storage and order-packing facility.

5. Better organisation

Mezzanine floors can help you organise your warehouse more effectively. You can use them to create designated storage areas for different types of inventory, for example. This can make it easier to find and access the items you need. You can also improve efficiency by splitting your workforce into teams in the designated areas, so they don’t have to travel from one end of the warehouse to the next and get in each other’s way.

6. Improved safety

Mezzanine floors are required to have safety features such as guardrails, handrails and non-slip surfaces. This can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace since employee will have a safe place to move around and work.

7. Quick installation

Quick installation

This is our area of expertise at Doity. Our mezzanine floors can be installed in half the time of traditional mezzanines thanks to our unique Revlok design. This minimises disruption to your business operations and means you can start using your new space sooner rather than later. Compare this to the time it would take to extend your facility outwards or relocate, and you can quickly see why mezzanines are such a popular choice for industrial businesses.

8. Increased property value

Adding a mezzanine floor can increase the value of your property. If you own your warehouse, this can be a great way to increase your overall asset value. If you’re renting, it can sometimes be possible to negotiate with your landlord and agree on splitting the cost of the installation.

9. Sustainable solution

Mezzanine floors can be built using environmentally friendly materials. They can also help reduce your carbon footprint by making more efficient use of your existing space rather than building or renting a new facility.

10. Dismountable and relocatable

In case your business grows and requires you to move to bigger premises, you can dismantle your mezzanine floor and transport it to your new location. Our Revlok system, with its modular design, enables you to adjust your mezzanine to fit your new warehouse, even if it has a different layout. By using cold-rolled steel sections instead of traditional rolled steel joists, the Revlok manufacturing process results in a lighter and more manageable mezzanine floor which can be dismantled and adapted for your new space.


In conclusion, building a mezzanine floor can be a great way to expand your warehouse space without moving to a new facility. It’s a cost-effective, customisable and versatile solution that can help increase productivity, improve organization, and enhance safety in your workplace. If you’re running out of room in your warehouse and considering building a mezzanine floor to help you make the most of your existing space, get in touch with Doity today.


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