Bad For Business – 4 Reasons B2B Brands Struggle To Gain Traction

Bad For Business – 4 Reasons B2B Brands Struggle To Gain Traction


While business-to-business (B2B) companies serve as the backbone of many industries; many struggle to achieve the desired level of success. This struggle can stem from various factors, some of which are unique to the B2B landscape.

Here are four primary reasons why B2B brands often find it challenging to flourish, underpinned by compelling statistics.

Lack of Consumer Loyalty

Lack of Consumer Loyalty

Loyalty is a critical determinant of success in the B2B realm. Surprisingly, a Gallup study found that only 29% of B2B customers felt fully engaged or emotionally connected to their vendors.

This lack of loyalty can lead to lower client retention and fewer referrals. Unlike B2C companies, B2B firms have fewer customers, making each one vital for their survival and growth. Therefore, when loyalty is low, the potential for business success diminishes.

The lack of loyalty in B2B relationships can result from several factors. Notably, many B2B companies fail to provide personalized experiences, leading to disengagement.

Furthermore, most B2B transactions involve long-term contracts and relationships, necessitating a level of trust and commitment that can be hard to establish and maintain.

To combat a lack of loyalty, B2B brands need to go above and beyond to nurture a productive and fruitful relationship across the entire supply chain, thinking along the lines of offering channel partner incentives, harnessing the power of omnichannel, and personalizing experience.

Inadequate Digital Transformation

Inadequate Digital Transformation

Despite the surge in digital tech solutions, many B2B brands lag in digital transformation.

A 2022 McKinsey survey found that only 22% of B2B companies felt they had a successful digital strategy. This shortfall significantly impacts a company’s efficiency, customer reach, and ability to innovate.

B2B companies often struggle with digital transformation due to the complexity of their operations, lack of internal expertise, and resistance to change.

The consequence is a missed opportunity to leverage digital tools and platforms for business intelligence, marketing automation, customer service, and e-commerce.

Failure to Deliver Value Beyond Products

A B2B customer’s journey doesn’t end with the purchase. Yet, an Accenture study revealed that 77% of B2B buyers don’t see their suppliers as going beyond mere product delivery.

This failure to deliver value beyond products restricts B2B companies from establishing meaningful relationships with customers’ minds, thereby impacting their long-term success.

B2B brands must strive to enhance their service offerings, provide expert advice, and offer after-sales support to retain their customers and keep them satisfied.

Lack of Brand Awareness and Positioning

Lack of Brand Awareness and Positioning

In the crowded B2B marketplace, standing out is a significant challenge. According to a 2021 LinkedIn report, 89% of B2B marketers admitted that brand awareness was a crucial goal, yet only half felt they were achieving it.

Many B2B companies neglect their branding, focusing instead on product features and benefits. However, brand positioning plays a critical role in influencing buyer perception and decision-making, thus affecting a company’s success.

To overcome these challenges, B2B brands must focus on building consumer loyalty through personalized experiences and robust engagement strategies. Embracing digital transformation can streamline operations and enhance customer reach.

Additionally, offering value beyond the product and focusing on brand positioning can significantly improve a B2B company’s chances of success.

By addressing these issues, B2B brands can unlock significant opportunities for growth and cement their place in the competitive business landscape. After all, overcoming challenges is the true hallmark of a successful business.

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