Keeping Your Business Front of Your Customers’ Minds

Keeping your Business Front of your Customers Minds


Douglas Fairbanks is often cited as being the man who said, ‘You are only as good as your last picture”. The quote has also been attributed to Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Huston. There are many other variations on this quote relating to journalists and musicians.

Nevertheless, the adage rings true because future success is very much based on recent performance and people easily forget past glories.

Keeping Your Business Front of Your Customers’ Minds

Keeping front of mind is also true in the world of business, particularly in busy markets where brands and products are continually competing for bandwidth and attention.

Many entrepreneurs expend all their energy on getting their product to market and think that they can then sit back, and sales will just come to them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The battle for attention is constant.

It means that products and services need to remind customers that they are there. They also need to give a reason for customers to buy from them rather than from their competitors or the newest kids on the block.

With unlimited advertising and marketing budgets, big brands can simply buy up the airwaves with TV, radio, and billboard commercials. That is all well and good for brands like Coca-Cola, which have seemingly bottomless pockets.

However, even a business with a modest marketing budget can create interest to maintain customers’ attention if they spend wisely.

Coca Cola is an Interesting Case Study

Coca-Cola is an interesting case study. For years they just pushed their one ‘original’ product and later developed the Diet version. They then sponsored everything and advertised everywhere to create their dominant market position.

However, as markets became more fragmented, they needed to diversify and develop new products to ensure that they were still relevant. So, these days, there are many varieties of Coca-Cola, including whole new flavour profiles like Cherry, Vanilla, and Raspberry.

Essentially consumers get bored and want something new. So, while the legacy brand offers reassurance, the latest variants keep the portfolio exciting and give people something to talk about.

Another industry sector that is very good at keeping itself in front of its customers’ minds is online betting sites. There is always the next match or the next race to entice someone to place a bet for the sports betting sector.

The online no deposit casinos have to produce the excitement themselves. While there are traditional favourite table and dealer games at most online casinos, including Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, the slots are arguably the most innovative.

The best online slots sites regularly introduce new titles and styles of games to keep what they are offering fresh and enjoyable.

While your business does not need to reinvent itself completely every time, it does need to make sure that the products and services on offer are inspiring and attractive to the target market. If you think about how fashion retailers work, they are constantly dropping new lines and clearing out slow-moving stock at a discounted price.

They also create a buzz around their brands by collaborating with designers and influencers from spheres outside the fashion world. Collaborations can effectively bring new customers in to explore the whole range and not just the specific collection.

Whatever a business is doing, it is communication which is crucial. No amount of perfect products will sell themselves if no one knows that they are there. It is easier for smaller brands to make a noise on social media and let their customers know what is happening.

Brands were reliant on buying media space in the past, but innovative companies now have their own direct communication with their customers.

social media

Using good imagery helps tell the story and make your products and services stand out on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Of course, where you build your social media profile depends on whom you are aiming at, but it is worth incentivising your customers to follow you to keep them informed of your latest news.

You might even find sector journalists featuring your brands in their write-ups with some carefully targeted press releases.

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