Investment Banks London – Top 10 In London

Investment Banks London

The United Kingdom’s banking sector is regarded as Europe’s largest. It is considered the world’s fourth-largest city. In the United Kingdom, banking is well-developed, with new industries fuelled by cutting-edge technology and innovation.

It is also regarded as the world’s greatest financial centre for cross-border loans. The UK banking system has a deep financial penetration across the country, with a whopping 40 billion payments completed in 2017.

In the UK all the people have their own debit card and two-third of the people have their credit this implies how important the banks are in the UK

In the United Kingdom, there are various types of banks. Each bank caters to different needs, from personal to business. The four primary types of banks in the United Kingdom are listed below:

The Bank of England, or BoE, is the central bank of the United Kingdom. The Bank of England is the UK’s central bank and the eighth oldest bank in the world. The Bank of England is in charge of establishing and maintaining monetary policy and financial stability in the United Kingdom.

High Street Banks are similar to retail banks. However, they have many branch locations. These banks primarily serve the general people and provide retail services. It indicates they serve a wide spectrum of clients rather than focusing on a certain market or type of customer.

High Street Banks are widely distributed and can be found in any business section of towns and cities.

What is Business and Investment Banking?

Business banking – These are the services that High Street Banks provide. These features are in addition to those available with a standard account. As a result, these are supplied as optional services for a cost.

Investment banking – Investment banking services are provided by financial institutions to a variety of consumers, including individuals, corporations, and governments. These institutions also offer investment banking services for investing in other firms and bonds. Services are offered by banks in the United Kingdom on behalf of high street banks, investment trusts, and pension funds.

Over the last decade, the banks in the United Kingdom have undergone a significant transformation. A few large banks currently dominate the banking sector.

HSBC Holdings, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Barclays, and Standard Chartered are the top five largest banks. The services provided to these businesses are monopolized by a small group of banks. Let’s take a look at the history and current state of the UK’s leading banks.

Investment Banks London – Top 10 Banks

1. HSBC Holdings

HSBC Holdings

In terms of total assets, HSBC Holdings is the seventh-biggest bank in the world and the largest in Europe. Although it was founded in Hong Kong in March 1865, it now has its headquarters in London, the United Kingdom’s financial capital.

It is the country’s largest bank. Commercial banking, worldwide banking, global private banking, retail banking, wealth management, and other services are available.

The term HSBC stems from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, which was the name given to the bank when it was created in Hong Kong.

2. Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group

In the United Kingdom, the Lloyds Banking Group is regarded as a large financial institution. It was formed in 2009 after HBOS was acquired and HBOS and Lloyds TSB were merged. Lloyds Banking Group also has four subsidiaries.

Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and HBOS, to name a few. It is the United Kingdom’s second-largest bank, with its headquarters in London.

3. Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, also known as RBS, offers various services to its customers, including corporate finance, commercial property finance, insurance, and personal banking. Its headquarters are in Edinburgh and Scotland.

It has offices all around the world.

4. Barclays


Barclays is a multinational investment bank and financial services corporation with headquarters in London and operations in more than fifty locations around the world. Corporate banking, personal banking and van insurance.

Wealth management is just a few of the investment banking services provided by Barclays.

5. Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a multinational financial service and banking corporation. Despite its London headquarters, it is a financial services corporation that does not provide retail banking in the United Kingdom.

Instead, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East account for a large amount of its revenue.

6. Santander


Santander UK is a financial services firm that specializes in commercial banking, retail banking, and international corporate banking. It offers services through a variety of channels, including ATMs, the internet, digital, mobile, and telephone.

7. Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society

The Nation Building Society, which is similar to a mutual fund, is the world’s largest building society, with 15 million members. It offers current account, mortgage, savings, and personal financial services to its members.

8. Schroders


Schroders Asset Management is a London-based asset management firm. It operates in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, providing retail banking, wealth management, commercial banking, and global banking services.

9. Close Brothers

Close Brothers

It is a merchant banking group that offers services such as lending, deposit taking, securities trading, and wealth management. They offer deposits to UK businesses and people and loans to individuals and small businesses.

Close Brothers Group plc is a bank that specializes in business banking.

10. Coventry Building Society

Coventry Building Society

The second-largest bank in the United Kingdom is a building society established in Coventry, England. Subsidiaries include Godiva Mortgages Limited, Coventry Building Society, and Covered Bonds.

Its members have access to various products and services, including financial advice, mortgages, investment services, savings products, and insurance, including travel insurance.


There are a lot of banks in the United Kingdom to assist you with your financial needs. Some might choose investment banking services, while others might be interested in seeking assistance from business banks.

Before you choose a bank, make sure you are aware of your financial needs and choose only the most reliable and best bank for the purpose. For more investment ideas, check out Investise.

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