12 Highest-Paid Occupations in the US


It is common sense that you think about your future career when you are choosing a college. Naturally, you want a job that inspires you. But if you are in two minds about how to invest in your career wisely, it might be a good idea to get acquainted with the highest-paid occupations in the U.S.

If you find your dream job on this list – bingo! Of course, the desire itself is not enough. You should write out your long-term goals and short-term tasks. These can be global goals and routine steps. Here is an example of the corresponding to-do list

  • absorb all the relevant knowledge
  • constantly practice to gain work experience and develop key skills
  • get professional help and write my resume on Skillhub to go past the ATS and impress recruiters
  • make sure the job application highlights relevant accomplishments and matches the dream position
  • engage in an active job search
  • attend networking events in the field to get more interviews

If your interests and career plans do not coincide with the occupations in the article, read it for fun. Or even better: make your own list of guesses first. Then, scroll down to find out how many matches you have.

Highest-Paid Occupations in the US

Medical Field Occupations

Doctors, dentists, and other healthcare specialists top the list of highest-earning professions. They save other people’s lives and sometimes even risk their own. Fair enough.

1. Anesthesiologists


This is a challenging job. The working hours are unpredictable. Of course, there are scheduled surgeries. But traumas and childbirths do not happen according to the schedule. So, anesthesiologists are paid for their 24/7 availability.

2. Surgeons


Their shifts often coincide with the shifts of anesthesiologists. The consequences and experiences are also the same: irregular working hours and extended shifts. Depending on their professional training, surgeons have the following responsibilities:

  • operate broken bones;
  • perform operations to treat diseases;
  • treat defects in and around the mouth and jaws (maxillofacial surgeons);
  • address patient concerns over the phone.

If you have ever broken an arm skiing or experienced a problematic wisdom tooth extraction, you know what they get such high salaries for. Health is priceless.

3. OB-GYNs

These doctors are a separate category. Apart from their medical expertise, they should be good psychologists. Communicating information to future parents requires patience. Besides, OB-GYNs should be good at handling high-stress situations like childbirth.

4. Orthodontists


All dentists fall under the category of highest-paid occupations. Yet, orthodontists in the U.S. leave behind even dental surgeons. So, if you are a future dentist thinking of specialized training, take a closer look at braces, mouthguards, and clear aligners. Also, develop your risk management skills. Orthodontists often run their own practice instead of getting employed.

5. Physicians


Not only dentists and surgeons earn decent money. The following specialists belong to high-paid occupations too:

  • allergists
  • psychiatrists
  • family medicine physicians
  • cardiologists
  • eye specialists
  • dermatologists
  • oncologists
  • digestive system specialists
  • paediatricians

If you are not going to become a doctor, do not be too quick to close this tab. There are other jobs with high salaries in this world.

Non-Medical Occupations

1. Chief Executives

Chief Executive

It is the highest-paid occupation outside the medical or dental spheres. CEOs can compete with anesthesiologists in terms of their schedules. If they are not in the office, they are on a business trip. Making critical decisions regarding the management team has its price. It is around $198000 annually.

2. Airline Pilots

Airline Pilots

Copilots and flight engineers also belong to this category. These professions seem very romantic. But all the romance is exaggerated. The truth is that they spend most of their time away from home and families. Nice paychecks can only compensate for this so much.

3. Computer and Information Systems Managers

IT is a niche known for its high salaries. It has become one of the safest jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, both physically and figuratively. With so many businesses transforming into online projects, this occupation is likely to get even better paid for.

4. Marketing Managers

Marketing Manager

Products and services do not sell themselves. It is logical that professionals who maximize the company’s operating profit have a good income. Having great analytical skills is not enough. Marketing strategies need a creative approach.

5. Sales Managers

Once a marketing manager has done their job in promoting the offer on the market, a sales manager comes to the stage. They are responsible for generating revenue within a company. The more they succeed, the more they earn.

6. Lawyers


Harvey Specter fans are happy to find this profession on this list. ‘Suits’ created a great vibe around this occupation. Depending on where they work, lawyers have different titles. From associates to public-interest lawyers, they all have good salaries.

7. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Architectural and Engineering Managers

These jobs require a combination of technical background and excellent communication skills. The first aspect is a must for sticking to architectural and engineering standards. The soft skills in question are important for consulting with clients and presenting projects. Such a combination of knowledge and skills costs decent money.

Add Your Occupation to the List

It is also worth mentioning that financial managers, petroleum engineers, and natural sciences managers are among the highest-paid occupations in the U.S. To sum up, corporate chief executives top this list outside healthcare.

Do not get upset if you have not seen your future job on this list. Follow your dream. The main thing is to do what you are passionate about. It guarantees success. Before long, your occupation will become part of a similar article next year.

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