How to figure out the size of the TV you need?

Buying a new TV will always be exciting, though not necessarily easy. These days there are thousands of models to wade through before finding the right match, with myriad different sizes, capabilities and displays available to choose from.

Historically, price tags on TVs have correlated closely with their size – the biggest manufacturers asking for several thousands of pounds in return for an ultra-widescreen. Today, however, that isn’t necessarily the case, as there are many TVs as big as 65 inches for less than £1000, making the decision over which to get even harder.

Fear not, though, for the consideration of a few key details can greatly narrow down your search, helping you pick out the TV that’s right for you and find out what’s the best 65-inch TV.

How to figure out the size of the TV you need?

Wall Space

Wall Space

Of course, the size of the tv that’s right for you will largely come down to the available space you have to place it in. Wider TVs will require longer benches or tables to sit on, taking up further space within the room, while a smaller TV could be mounted to an adjustable swivel bracket, though as a more permanent feature.

Bigger TVs offer a more mesmeric experience but placed in a disproportionately small room and they can dominate the environment, making them difficult or strenuous to watch either it may for your home or small business office.

It would be worth measuring up the room with a tape measure first, as then you will have a good idea of the available space and can make an informed decision on the right sized TV.

Proximity to your sofa

Proximity to your Sofa

The proximity of your sofa or chair in relation to where the TV will stand is also crucial. If the TV is too big, relative to the distance you will be sitting away from it, watching the screen may be overwhelming and unpleasant to experience.

Conversely, a TV too small could also prove just as frustrating. This is, of course, the last thing you want when buying a new TV, so learn how to calculate the right size with this simple rule: measure the distance between the sofa and your designated TV spot in inches then divide by two.

For example, if your sofa is 11 feet away, you would halve 132 inches to reach 66 inches as your recommended TV size.

Intended use

Intended Use

While considering the comfort value of the TV is important, you may also want to consider what the TV will be used for. If you’re looking for a second home cinema set up, complete with upgraded audio equipment and mood lighting, a bigger TV would make the better choice.

Whether it be for watching movies or gaming, a bigger TV will produce a more immersive experience – detaching you from the rest of the world.

If, however, you require something to casually browse through channels or catch up on your favourite Netflix shows, a smaller size – say, around 42” – would more than suffice. Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference.

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