Energy Efficient Electric Radiators – Top 15 in the UK

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators Top 15 in UK

What Exactly Are Energy Radiators?

Designed to transmit heat energy from one place to another, radiators are used for the dual purpose of heating and cooling. They function in automobiles, air conditioners, and electronics, and the heating and cooling effect helps to neutralize the temperature.

Choosing a radiator for your home is not as easy as you think because you will have to look into the electricity bills also that come with the usage of radiators. Go for the ones that are environmentally friendly and consume less electricity.

You should also choose a model and design that makes your home look futuristic and modern. These electric radiators have a British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating and that defines the efficiency of the radiator.

It is simple to comprehend the radiator working pattern and if you look at it from the environmental point of view, pollution is very little. These radiators come in many designs, and they are made using ceramic, and other materials to withstand the heat emanating while it is active. 

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators – Top 15 in the UK

1. NRG Modern Vertical Radiator

NRG Modern

Though this takes a while to get heated up, the advantages are many. It is elegant and durable and has a high heat output. It will blend well into minimalist and modern homes effortlessly. 

Image – Source

It is eye-catching and you can consider getting it for your home if you are on the lookout to buy one.

2. Malino Aruba

Malino Aruba

This radiator is good if your rooms are small and compared to the size of the radiator, it heats up well. They come in various sizes and have a twenty-year guarantee, and the price is comparatively high considering its size.

Image – Source

The Milano Aruba radiator is contemporary in its design and that could be one of the reasons for its high price.

3. Henrad 110960 Type 11 SC 1003 BTU 294 W 2061103 Compact Radiator

Henrad 110960 Type 11SC

This is again suitable for small rooms and the model is compact and lightweight. It is affordable and the design is trendy, and that makes it go well with modern spaces.

Image – Source

4. ELEGANT Modern Vertical Column Designer Radiator

Elegant Modern Vertical Column Designer Vertical Radiator

Being vertical in design, this radiator works well in wall spaces that are small and compact. There are color options to suit the color of your room. 

Image – Source

The radiator is heavy compared to many other radiators in the market and it is available in single and double designs.

5. ADAX Neo Modern

ADAX Neo Modern

This radiator comes in five different models, one thousand watts, twelve hundred watts, fourteen hundred watts, two thousand watts, and eight thousand watts. It has a child lock, overheat protection for safety, a programmable thermostat, and an anti-frost mode.

Image – Source

Your electricity bills will not go up because of its consistent performance.

6. Requena Luxury Towel Rail Radiator

Requena Luxury Towel Rail Radiator

This is said to be a good performer mainly because of its consistency and is available in seven sizes. This is a good choice to replace your old radiator as the design is elegant and modern.

Image – Source

7. NRG Traditional Colosseum Cast Iron Radiator

NRG Traditional Colosseum

This radiator comes in twelve sizes, and it suits the budget. It comes in two colors, titanium, and matte anthracite. The color stays the same and maintenance is not difficult. The designs are contemporary and sleek, and performance-wise it is good too.

Image – Source

8. Warme Designer Panel Heater

Warme Designer Panel Heater

This one is easy to install and can be also kept in the bathroom because of its waterproof casing. The digital thermostat helps you control and set the temperature as and how you desire. The sleek and modern design makes it go with any kind of home and home decor. 

Image – Source

9. WarmeHaus Juva Flat Panel

WarmeHaus Juva Flat Panel

This radiator comes with a ten-year warranty, and you can choose from three colors, semi-gloss white, matte anthracite grey, and vibrant mirrored chrome.  This is an easy fit in your bathrooms as the installation is easy.

Image – Source

It is quite popular with buyers, and it enhances the elegance of your home décor.

10. Dimplex Cadiz Eco

Dimplex Cadiz Eco

This comes with remote control and the warm-up time is fast. It works well in all rooms irrespective of what sizes they are and has a five-year guarantee period.

Image – Source

11. Doyner Power Converter

Doyner Power Converter

There are three heating output settings for you to choose from, setting three is 2000W, two is 1250W, and one is 750W. You can set the room temperature according to your preferences because of its adjustable thermostat.

Image – Source

12. PureMate Oil Filled Radiator

PureMate Oil Filled Radiator

What makes this electric radiator a popular buy is that it is portable, hence can be moved around in your home into different rooms, depending on where you want it to be.

Image – Source

13. Netta Electric Panel Heater

Netta Electric Panel Heater

This is a glass panel heater and works well in big areas. The installation is easy, and you can decide on whether you want it wall-mounted or standing.

Image – Source

There are two power settings in this, 2000W is full-on, and 1000W helps you be in control of your power consumption and electricity bills.

14. Allied UK Laptronix

Allied UK Laptronix

This is easily portable and that gives you the freedom to keep it wherever you want to in the room. This comes with several heating programs which are beneficial to users as they can experiment with the temperature settings.

Image – Source

15. Seitbel Eltron Converter

Stiebel Eltron Converter

This comes with a sleek and minimalist design that makes it go with any modern interiors. It comes with a metal casing and is a wall-mounted heater.

Image – Source

You can use it as the main heater, and it can also be used during the spring/autumn seasons in case you find it too cold.


Winter months in the UK see homes having an excessive use of radiators to heat the apartments, homes, and other buildings to bear the cold weather conditions there. Having an electric radiator at home is not a luxury anymore.

Hope you have an idea of what to go for after reading about the top 15 energy-efficient electric radiators in the UK which are stylish, sophisticated, efficient, and affordable so that your home space cozy, warm, and comfortable. 

Note: The images used for each product are not owned by UK Business Magazine, we picked those images from, copyrights go to Amazon UK.

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