6 Best Cheap Email Hosting UK Services Reviewed

6 Best Cheap Email Hosting UK Services Reviewed

Looking for an email hosting service that is cheap and good? We have you covered. This article reviews the 6 best cheap email hosting services in the UK.

Cheap Email Hosting UK Table

6 Best & Cheap Email Hosting UK Providers

1. SeekaHost


SeekaHost’s personal plan starts at only £0.75/month.

  • One mailbox
  • 5GB of storage
  • Fully localised webmail
  • Flexible storage options
  • POP3, IMAP, webmail
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Anti-spam protection

You can easily register and set up your domain or email account within a minute with the SeekaHost.app’s user-friendly interface.

Every step is simple and easy to follow. This platform is especially recommended for businesses that are new to email domain registration as it costs only £0.75/month which means no serious commitments

  • All your emails will be confidential.
  • Use your email account anonymously and without being tracked or advertised to.
  • Build trust with your customers by promoting your personal brand or yourself with unique, personalized emails.
  • You can manage domains with enough storage space, and data transfer. You also have access to a PHP 7.3-ready backend, a single-click WordPress app installer, SSL certificates, and 24-hour phone support.
  • You can connect your personalised email account to numerous email software brands like Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Microsoft Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, and Yahoo.

2. Hostinger

The Business Starter plan starts at £0.99/month.

  • 10 GB Email storage
  • 10 Forwarding Rules
  • 50 Email Aliases
  • Antivirus Check
  • Advanced anti-spam
  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Additionally, Hostinger has a 30 day money-back guarantee.

  • With the user-friendly control panel, you can easily access everything you need to handle your email accounts including DNS settings and device configuration.
  • You can set up your email hosting with third-party mail clients like Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other email app on your desktop or mobile device because our email servers support IMAP, POP3, and SMTP by default.
  • You can automate emails to make communication easier. Set up auto-replies if you frequently get emails after business hours to inform your clients of your return time.
  • You can utilize email forwarding and aliases to divert incoming messages to various accounts, and enable catch-calls to collect emails sent to incorrect email addresses.
  • For the purpose of preventing malicious parties from misusing your outbound email traffic, the email platform supports DKIM, DMARC, and SPF. The platform also uses internal security for emails exchanged between accounts on the same domain and carrier-grade content filters against spam and viruses.

3. ZOHO Workspace

ZOHO Workspace

Zoho Workspace isn’t exactly cheap when you think of tier 2, and tier 3 plans. However, they offer a free plan

  • 5GB storage/user for both Zoho Mail and Zoho WorkDrive included.
  • You can host one domain for free with web-only access.

Note – IMAP/ POP/ Active Sync are not included in the free plan.

To add more users you will have to pay a certain amount of money per user per month. For example, for the Standard plan, you have to pay £3.45/user/month and you get 30GB storage per user.

  • Your data will be safe and secure. The facility has strict biometric access controls, video surveillance, and comprehensive fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. The most recent tech solutions for intrusion, detection, and prevention are used by our network security system.
  • You won’t get many features in the free plan. As per the size of your firm, you can combine and match the Zoho Mail and Zoho Workplace services. Only the yearly memberships of our paid plans have access to this option. Drop an email to the company for programs that are specifically designed for your company.



The plans start from £1/month. The price is exclusive of state and local taxes.

  • 1 mailbox
  • 2GB storage
  • Free domain
  • Spam filter
  • Ad-free email
  • Webmail
  • 24/7 support

The other plans allow you to increase the number of mailboxes.

  • You will get standard export support, email forwarding, and device syncing. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary matching domain name and a choice of domain extensions.
  • The platform uses anti-virus and anti-spam software to keep your mailbox safe and secure. Your emails are automatically secured with SSL/TLS encryption. You can also opt for premium virus protection.
  • Through shared calendars, contacts, and tasks, the platform makes collaboration easier.
  • You can create your own blacklists and whitelists to keep spammers at bay and allow only the important messages through.


The plan starts at £0.99/month. The annual renewal price is £11.88. If you want to only sign up for one month, you have to pay £1.99/month. The prices are exclusive of VAT registered.

  • 1 GB Storage
  • 1 Mailbox
  • Webmail
  • Individual Calendar
  • Individual Contacts
  • Individual Tasks

To get shared calendars, contacts, and tasks, you will have to sign up for the ‘team’ plan which is £1.49/month +20% VAT.

  • You get virus and spam prevention. The platform includes robust spam filters and data security.
  • Regardless of spelling mistakes, you can take a look at every message sent to an invalid email address for your domain. The option to create catch-all aliases inside your domain is provided by Professional Email Catch-all.
  • You can read every email you receive, including those from accounts like Gmail and Yahoo, in one inbox with a single sign-on.
  • The attachment preview function included in business emails prevents you from sending incorrect attachments.
  • You can reach out to the support team by raising a ticket.
  • It only takes a few clicks to set up automated email forwarding to another email address.

6. 123 Reg

The starting plan is priced at £1.49/ month. This is a discounted rate valid only for the first year and must be purchased on a yearly contract. The plan renews for a yearly contract of £23.88 (equivalent of £1.99 per month).

  • 1 Email Address using your domain
  • Optional Additional Email Addresses
  • 500MB Email Storage
  • Webmail
  • POP/IMAP Email type
  • Built-in protection

Prices exclude 20% VAT. You have to pay £104.44 per year in advance for the minimum contract duration which is  one year. After that the minimum advance is £155.88.

  • You can sync your email accounts automatically between desktop and mobile devices.
  • You are protected from online risks and have fewer vulnerabilities thanks to built-in spam and virus protection. You can also say goodbye to junk mail.
  • Webmail is an affordable option for any kind of small business. It allows you to respond to emails, put tasks in a queue, create calendar events, and stay organised all from one convenient location.

At the starting plan all the platforms offer you more or less the same features. Think about your storage needs and if there are any specific features you need.

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