Caravan and Motorhome Club – Top 10 in the UK

Caravan and Motorhome Club

Motorhome registrations in the UK are increasing, and with them, more individuals are joining up for memberships in different organizations that cater to caravan and motorhome travellers.

So, which is better, the Caravan and Motorhome Club or the Camping and Caravan Club? Both have significant benefits and may provide a wide range of vacation activities, making it difficult to decide which to use.

This article will explain the advantages of each organization, possibly assisting you in making a selection between the two. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have a fun-filled holiday and build lots of memories. Continue reading our guide on top 10 of the best Caravan and Motorhome Club in the UK.

Caravan and Motorhome Club – Top 10 in the UK

1. The Camping and Caravanning Club

The Camping and Caravanning Club

With over 700,000 members in the UK, this is the world’s biggest – and oldest – camping club. Its primary concentration is on operating and certifying campsites around the United Kingdom with superb amenities and courteous management.

Membership allows you to stay at its sites in scenic places around the nation.

2. Caravan and Motorhome Club

Caravan and Motorhome Club

This club is solely for caravans, motorhomes, and camper vans and is another organization that certifies sites around the UK. On the other hand, some of its locations allow tents, which is helpful if you’re travelling in a group.

Membership enables you to get discounts at approximately 2,700 locations around the UK and Europe and savings at certain tourist attractions and on select ferry lines.

This organization, formerly known as the Caravan Club, has been in existence for almost 110 years. In 2017, it was renamed to incorporate RVs and is currently expanding into glamping and global travel.

3. Freedom Camping Club

Freedom Camping Club

This family-oriented group thinks that camping and caravanning may help you get your kids away from their screens, create memories outside, and strengthen family social relationships. As a member, you get one free night of caravanning each year.

The group claims to be managed by people for people, and its goal is to connect campers with campground owners. It permits campsites all around the UK, from minimal facilities to full-fledged glamping sites.

4. International Caravanning Association

International Caravanning Association

All motorhome owners over the age of 18 are welcome. However, the group is targeted more toward individuals who spend their retirements touring the UK – and the globe – in their motorhomes. If this applies to you, check sure your motorhome insurance covers vacations overseas before you go!

Look no further if you’re searching for a social group for motorhome owners!

The ICA, unlike more prominent organizations, does not license or certify sites. Instead, it organizes rallies and meet-ups for motorhome owners around the UK and more extended travels farther afield.

5. Historic Caravan Club

Historic Caravan Club

Most folks adore their motorhomes because of all the amenities. It’s also true that many choose a more traditional lifestyle. This organization is for enthusiasts of any historic caravans manufactured before 1960, including horse-drawn types.

It puts up exhibits at antique events and organizes social gatherings. You don’t have to possess a vintage caravan to join our group — have an interest in them. So you may remain in your fancy van while appreciating the lovely but straightforward models — a win-win scenario.

6. Club Motorhome

Club Motorhome

Members get access to a complete database of stopovers, including reviews and images of places to stay in the UK and Europe, ranging from pubs to wild parking spots. If your travels take you away from Wi-Fi, you may download the directory as an e-book.

This club is a relative newcomer, having only been in existence for a decade. Whereas many clubs harken back to a time before the internet, Club Motorhome embraces the internet and all it has to offer.

Additionally, there is a discussion forum where users may exchange ideas and ask questions and a “Magazine” section with articles written by RV enthusiasts.

7. Motor Caravanners Club

Motor Caravanners Club

This well-established organization, which focuses on socializing, organizes around 500 events every year in the UK and Spain. It divides into 26 regional groups, each hosting multiple social events throughout the year.

Most meetings are held on weekends, making this group accessible to individuals who work.

Its products are perhaps the most useful: a monthly magazine and an annual guidebook of verified spots and ‘night stops’ where you can locate cheap places to stay around the UK and beyond.

8. Motorhome Facts

Motorhome Facts

Do you need anything to keep you going while confined in your drab old non-mobile home? This online-only group includes 93,000 registered members who discuss all things motorhome-related at all hours of the day and night.

The website has over 230,000 views throughout the summer months alone, so you’ll find many individuals who can answer your questions, provide suggestions, and share your love for your vehicles. There’s also a rally group if you want to meet in person.

9. Cotswold Hills Country Park

Cotswold Hills Country Park

Chipping Norton and the Cotswolds villages of Bourton-on-the-Water, Burford Broadway, and Stow-on-the-Wold are only a short drive away from Cotswold Hills Country Park, year-round camping, touring, and holiday accommodation park.

This park is open year-round and may be used by caravans, RVs, and campers of various sizes. With a view of the available country, the park is ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

10. Far Peak Camping

Far Peak Camping

Camping in the Cotswolds is an excellent opportunity to explore the region and relax in the surrounding countryside at your speed and desire. You may choose to be at a remote location or in the centre of the activity.

Around 50 power hookups are available at this site for trailers/motorhomes/camping vehicles and grass pitches.


These Caravan and Motorhome Club campgrounds are a terrific spot to park up, with great locations around the UK and good pitches for your tourer. It was once known as The Caravan sites and provides a network of well-maintained sites ideal for creating vacation memories.

Look no further if you’re looking for a motorhome and caravan club to get you enthusiastic for your next road trip. We hope the above guide on top 10 of the best Caravan and Motorhome Club in the UK will help you.

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