7 Must Haves In The Medical Laboratory

7 Must Haves In The Medical Laboratory


Are you not sure which equipment you must have in your medical laboratory? This article will help you with what things you need should keep in your laboratory.

Setting up a new lab is not an easy task. You need to take care of a lot of things, from the setup and furniture to the equipment, apparatus, advanced machinery, etc.

The medical industry has dramatically flourished; you must have modern and advanced apparatus. Tech solutions has also increased in the field; thus, the laboratory must be equipped with all the gadgets a current medical laboratory demands.

In this article, some of the must-haves items are listed.

7 Must Haves In The Medical Laboratory

1. Glassware

Glassware is essential for any kind of research work or for carrying out our experiments. Glassware is one of the fundamental requirements in the laboratory. Right from the blood samples to tissues, all require a storage facility. A lab must be equipped with containers like Petri dishes, beakers, test tubes, and flasks like Erlenmeyer, Florence, schlenk flask, pipettes, burettes, etc.

Must Haves In The Medical Laboratory - GlasswareYou must also keep all these apparatus sterile and hygienic. For this purpose, PTFE film or sheets can be sued for packaging. All the samples collected in a medical lab need proper labeling and storage. Hence all types of containers have a requirement.

2. Machinery And Equipment Needed For Testing

The main task of the people in a lab is to do the testing of the samples collected. The foremost thing you need for this is syringe injections, testubes, and the other glassware mentioned above for collecting samples. You need to find injection moulding services in your locality and get customized medical equipment. Because of the improved technology, traditional methods have been replaced by machines and devices—Osmometers, chemical chemistry analyzers and instruments, blood bank analyzers, Clinical diagnostic assays, etc.

3. Running Water Facility

No laboratory can function without water. Water is an essential need, no matter which industry. Running water is of utmost importance in a lab for cleaning and experimenting, diluting solutions, freezing samples, etc. The water is used for sterilizing the instruments. Hence, it needs to process purified and purified before use. All efforts are taken to avoid any bacteria or germs on the devices.

Running Water FacilityYou must have a sound water supply system for lab purposes. Make sure to have a water pipeline that is efficient and available 24/7. The valves used in the channel also affect the flow of water, do a study on ball valve vs butterfly valve and choose the best suitable for a lab.

4. Incubators

A medical lab primarily deals with live cells and tissues. These not be adequately stored in order to avoid any contamination before testing. An incubator helps to create an environment suitable for the sample by regulating the humidity, CO2 levels, temperature, etc. The incubator not just helps in storing and preserving the testers; it also helps in growing them.

5. Cold Storage

Cold storage and medical freezers are mandatory in a medical lab. They work similarly to incubators and prevent the samples from getting contaminated. In order to maintain the samples, a consistent temperature is kept in the freezers and cold storage.

6. PPE Kits

PPE Kits

Personal protective equipment is essential for working out operations in the laboratory. While working, the lab technicians have to come across various samples; in this process, they should not contact bacterial or other infections. As a result, PPEs are highly used. Other than PPE, latex gloves, caps, safety goggles, etc., are also necessary for a medical lab.

7. Shelves And Racks

The type of furniture in a laboratory determines and affects the work there. You should choose the furniture wisely or make use of redesign trends in the market. Proper and sufficient racks and shelves must be present for systematically arranging the samples and other vital things. Time is essential for a medical lab; thus, all the furniture should be handy. The improper arrangement of the samples and instruments should not be the reason for the delay in the report and analysis, you should be aware of the risk management techniques if it delayed.

These are seven things that you must have in your lab. However, because of the advancement, the lab tech has changed considerably. You should also know that just instruments and apparatus are not what make a lab. The setting and the furniture in it are also essential.


Running a medical lab won’t be easy without efficient and effective tools and instruments. You must look for the best quality and affordable devices on your budget. Getting the essentials is not difficult; you can get them from renowned service providers. Along with the best quality equipment, ensure you have qualified staff and lab technicians. It is equally important.

This article helps you know the most necessary thing you need in your medical lab. Only five items are listed, but the list continues.

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