4 Tips for Creating Your Website Without Programming Skills

4 Tips for Creating Your Website Without Programming Skills

4 Tips for Creating Your Website Without Programming Skills

Having a website in the modern-day positions you to competitively stand out from the crowd. It increases your audience and visibility to customers more than when you just have a physical shop. Nevertheless, with everyone creating a website, you must ensure that you incorporate all the important elements. Here are a few tips you need.

1. Use a Website Builder

Gone are the days when one had to have coding and programming skills to create a website. Today, there are website-building tools that a creator or developer can use to build a site from scratch. The website builder offers templates that one can select to make their site look great while still maximising the capabilities.

Use a Website Builder

One of the best website builders you can use is IONOS. It has an intuitive AI assistant that helps you transform your idea into a website in record time. Even better, getting the website builder package from IONOS also gets you a free domain, SSL, and professional email. It is your starter pack for bringing your website idea to life.

2. Make Your Website Optimised for All Devices

According to research, more than 95.8% of internet users access the internet via their smartphones. Additionally, smartphone users spend 56.8% of their time on mobile devices. This means that there are higher chances for an internet user to access your site via their phone. When this happens, it needs to be fully optimised for them.

Whatever device an internet user chooses to use, you must ensure that it is compatible. Check your site’s responsiveness and how seamlessly it adjusts on different devices. If users have a positive user experience, your site ranks higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), which is a plus for you.

3. Keep Everything Simple

While website design is not a one-time affair, it all starts with the home page. Remember that your homepage is the first place that users see or land when they access your website. For this reason, you must communicate what your business is and what you offer. Don’t forget to also include how they can get to you in case they have queries or need clarifications.

Recent studies show that more than 87% of users leave a page or website if they are unable to find the information they need in 3 seconds. In simple terms, the 3-second rule states that you only have 3 seconds to impress and capture their attention. To achieve this, consider using white space and limiting the amount of words on your website’s pages.

4. Implement a Proper SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Strategy

Implement a Proper SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, ensures that your website has enough traffic. It focuses on driving engagement via your good content. All this goes to enhancing your visibility and ultimately ranking high on the search engine results pages. While they are easy to work around, the best results are realized when you have professionals on board.


As mentioned above, website creation and improvement never stop. Start by choosing a good website builder like IONOS to access unique templates that resonate with your goals. After this, focus on ensuring that the site is optimised for all devices. Don’t forget to keep everything simple and clutter-free on your pages as this affects the loading time.

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