5 Businesses That Need Public Liability Insurance

5 Businesses That Need Public Liability Insurance


Business is getting more and more competitive with every passing day. Therefore entrepreneurs need to be aware and take all the measures that can safeguard businesses and make them sustainable.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how risky business is. Thousands of businesses were strangled to death. So keeping the risks and uncertainty inevitable and constant, the tradesman must arrange safeguards and protection.

Public liability insurance is one of the core tradesman insurance that is highly effective in safeguarding the interests of the vulnerable business community. You might ask, do all businesses need insurance? A tradesman must get themselves insured. We will discuss a handful of businesses that must come under public liability insurance. It is better to have public liability insurance, even for a small business.

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

What is Public Liability Insurance? Public Liability Insurance is one of the major tradesman insurance that covers property damage and physical injury caused to the third party for which the policyholder is responsible. It is also known as the Commercial General Liability Insurance policy.

What Is Public Liability Insurance

The coverages included in this policy are property damage, bodily injury, legal expenditure, and claim costs. On the other hand, the insurance does not cover the loss of reputation, employee injury, and mental losses.

The Business That Needs Public Liability Insurance 

Many companies come under public liability insurance. The business that is directly serving the main stakeholders can safeguard themselves under public liability insurance. We describe some of the major businesses that should be protected with the following tradesman insurance.

1. Contractors In The Real Estate Industry 

Are you a self-employed builder taking sub-contracts from the main contracts? In that case, you can take the help of public liability insurance. If you work under the main contractors for the main builder, like:

  • Construction.
  • Electronic works.
  • Plumbing.

In that case, you must protect yourself with public liability insurance. You might damage the property and the customers’ equipment or injure workers working under the main contractor.

2. Restaurants 

The restaurant business is also full of risks. Now you might work under the main caterer supplying raw materials, workforce, and catering equipment. Now if your products and services become faulty or harm the customers, you are the ones responsible for the loss.


Moreover, if your workers spill hot food on the people or damage the owner’s property, in that case, the customers might seek compensation for the damage to the products. So you have to bear the brunt of the losses. The public liability insurance cost can save you from littering your reputation.

3. The Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical manufacturing is a highly risky business. You supply essential chemicals to the manufacturers like beauty products, building products, and others. Now if the product turns faulty, the bulk of the responsibility will come under your shoulders.

In that case, concerned stakeholders can take legal action against you. Furthermore, if the chemicals you produce get discharged into the arable land, they can cause heavy damage to the cultivators and consumers. Prepare yourself to face legal action. But with public liability insurance, you can save yourself.

4. Schools And Colleges 

If you run a school, you have to take responsibility for the safety and security of the students. If a first causes damage to the infrastructure and injures the kids studying in the classes, the parents can hurl a case against the management and draw you to the court.

In that case, you might have to pay heavy compensation for the losses in that case. Now if you are insured, then you will be getting coverage for the financial losses.

5. Hospitals 

Hospitals or the healthcare sector is one of the major tertiary sectors that are directly related to public welfare.


They earn the trust and confidence of the care users through years of service and hard work. But if you do not really have to be thoroughly professional and save yourself from any accident. Any irregularities and their consequences can lead to getting sued.

Putting The Discussion To A Close 

Businesses are prone to high risk and uncertainty, so tradesmen must secure themselves.

You need to constantly oversee each and every area of your business. But at the same time, you must refrain from being indifferent. So get insurance, safety and security.

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