The Arrival of the ALGS Championship in Birmingham Brings a Vital Moment to the UK Gaming Industry

Arrival of the ALGS Championship in Birmingham


The recent announcement that the major Apex Legends Global Series esports event ALGS Championship 2023, will take place in Birmingham is big news. It takes a premier event to a different venue and enables the convergence of fans attending both this event and the Insomnia Gaming Festival, which takes place at the same time.

At the 2023 ALGS Championship, 40 of the best teams from across the world will compete for a $2,000,000 prize pool. Resorts World Arena is hosting the ALGS Championship 2023 from 6-10 September. The venue is next to Birmingham NEC, where the Insomnia Gaming Festival, i71, is happening from 7-10 September.

i71 and ALGS Championship 2023

i71 and ALGS Championship 2023

According to some sources, the plans to hold the third ALGS event of the year in Birmingham instead of London were made at the start of the year, but they have only just been confirmed. The ALGS Championship is the pinnacle of the Battle Royale competition. So, the fact that it’s happening in the same area at the same time as i71 is exciting news for gaming fans.

Insomnia is the largest gaming festival in the UK, with 40,000 visitors attending and more than 2,800 gamers under one roof, providing 24/7 gaming activity. This year, as its i71 iteration falls at the same time as the ALGS Year 3 Championship, the interest is stronger than ever from fans and members of the gaming industry.

The coming together of the events builds on the growing reputation of the UK in the global gaming landscape.

Gaming Moment is good for fans and the UK gaming industry

UK gaming industry

ALGS Championship 2023 and i71 are both high-profile events in the gaming world. The best APEX Legends teams will participate at the ALGS Championship 2023, with particular interest being shown in new up-and-coming talent. At the Insomnia event, gamers from all backgrounds will gather to celebrate the love of video games with tabletop games, cosplay, and discussions with gaming content creators.

Gaming events leading to growth in esports and regulatory discussions

Gaming events leading to growth

The opportunity to combine some of the biggest names in gaming market with the most ardent fans comes at a time when gaming and the surrounding esports industry are on the rise in the UK.

This growth has brought much discussion about esports regulation. There is no overarching regulation of tournaments in the UK, with individual organisers responsible for ensuring the fairness of play and the protection of players. Alongside the tournaments is a betting market around esports, with many bettors being protected by UK Gambling Commission regulations and the GAMSTOP self-exclusion scheme. Esports enthusiasts who prefer a less strictly regulated experience and choose UK betting sites not on gamstop are protected by the responsible gaming measures and security procedures at individual sites.

As events like ALGS Championship 2023 and i71 promote the growth and evolution of gaming in the need, there may be an increased need for specific regulation around esports and the surrounding industry. This is something that the authorities will need to consider in the future.

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