Budgeting Loans – Top 10 Loan Providers in UK

budgeting loans

Financial software can help you save for something significant or get your budget under control, whether you’re saving for something important or want to get your budget under control.

This list includes AI-powered assistants who can shift your money around to ensure you keep, new bank accounts that analyse your spending and simplify budgeting, and tools for getting more out of your money.

From budgeting to wealth management, everyday banking to pension planning, we’ve selected applications that we feel would interest app users.

Budgeting Loans – Top 10 Loan Providers in UK

 1. Emma


Emma is a financial fitness tracker that helps you manage your bank accounts and credit cards in one app, according to one of its inventors. Emma keeps track of bank and credit card costs, lets you make budgets, and suggests how much you may save each month.

Unlike some of the other applications on our list, Emma does not transfer money for you.

2. Monzo


Monzo provides a current account and a contactless debit card, which may manage using its smartphone. To make it simpler to identify where your money is going, your spending is automatically divided down into 12 categories, including grocery, bills, entertainment, and dining out.

When travelling, you may withdraw up to £200 each month from an ATM without paying costs (a 3% fee applies if you take more than that), and there are no fees for making online payments in a foreign currency.

Monzo alerts you of transactions immediately, and you may immediately freeze your card via the app if you misplace it. You may also unfreeze it if it appears unexpectedly.

3. Chip


The chip utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse your spending and determine how much you can set away each month to help you save more money. It deposits every few days with a daily limit of £100 and a monthly maximum of £600.

You may stop the assistance at any moment and cancel Chip transfers before they happen and increase or decrease the amount it saves for you.

4. Saving Goals

Saving Goals

This software does what it says on the tin: it’s a place to organise and manage your savings objectives. You may establish up to three projects to save money for in the free edition, each with its deadline. The app will inform you how much money you need to keep to meet your goal each month.

You can see how much of your plan you have saved and how close you are to achieving the deadline in a simple graphical style. And whether or not you’re on time or not.

5. Yolt


Yolt puts all of your current, savings, and credit card information in one place, along with an intelligent balance showing you how much money you’ve set aside for bills and how much is left over. It lets you define and monitor precise budgets, but it also tells you where you spend the most money.

Your data shows in colourful graphs that make it simple to understand how your budget is doing at a glance, and the app also provides recommendations and guidance on how to manage your money better.

6. Moneybox


If you link a credit card to Moneybox, it will round up your transactions to the closest pound and invest the difference. Moneybox will round up to £5.00 and put 40p into your investing pot if you spend £4.60 for lunch.

The money you’ve saved is then collected by direct debit every Wednesday at lunchtime and invested in your ISA, General Investment Account, or your child’s Junior ISA.

You may pick whether you want to be cautious, balanced, or daring when it comes to risk, and this will affect the ratio at which your money populates the three-tracker funds of the Moneybox, that are – cash, property development and global shares.

7. Money Dashboard   

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard enables you to see various current, savings, and credit card accounts in one location, thanks to its support for 59 financial providers, including all of the big high street banks.

Your recent transactions are automatically tagged and grouped by the app, allowing you to see when and where you’ve spent money. The Planner tool tracks your spending and will enable you to establish objectives and predict future income, expenditure, and balances.

8. Squirrel

  • Squirrel’s first question is why you wish to save. It then asks you to divide your monthly income into obligations, savings, and expenditures. Squirrel automatically moves your spending money into your current account when you pay, putting your savings and living costs to one side.

It releases those sums for you when it’s time to settle payments. You may get your spending money in a lump payment or a weekly allowance.

9. PensionBee


It’s simple to accumulate a variety of pensions loans as you go through your career. PensionBee can assist you in locating and consolidating such schemes. BlackRock, State Street, and Legal & General run seven different options, each with a distinct risk/reward profile.

PensionBee will notify you if there is a cost of £10 or more to quit one of your former schemes. A yearly maintenance fee is charged, depending on the plan you pick.

10. Curve


The curve might be the answer if your wallet or handbag is overflowing with cards. It comes with a single Mastercard to rule them all and an app that allows you to add your existing accounts.

You can track your spending and balances across many cards and charges and take advantage of cash-back incentives from curve’s partners. You’ll receive real-time spending notifications and be able to keep track of your money regardless of whatever account it’s in right now.


Anyone may use budgeting applications to help them make money until their next student loan arrives. In addition to tuition, you’ll have bills to pay, travel expenses to make, and other fees to consider. Using one of the various budgeting tools available today may help you save time and headaches. If you’re looking for a good budgeting app, look at our top 10.

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