What is a Patent Bet?

what is a patent bet


Even if only one wager is placed, patent betting is used to cover all conceivable outcomes and payouts. Compared to the Trixie bet, which comprises four bets, this accumulator bet comprises three singles, three doubles, and a triple.

The Patent bet is mainly utilized in horse racing, but it is accessible in other sports, and it has grown in popularity since you only need one winner out of three picks to get a profit on your investment. Unlike in Trixie and Yankee betting, singles, doubles, and a triple are all included.

What is a Patent Bet?

A patent bet is a seven-selection cover bet that includes three singles, three doubles, and a treble. It implies that even if only one of your picks wins and the other two legs lose, you will still receive a payout from the bookmaker. Patent bets are a popular technique to wager on various sports, including horse racing.

They consist of seven bets on three different options. It increases the likelihood of a bet returning a profit. With this simple guide, you can completely understand how they function. A Patent bet consists of seven wagers on three different options. As a result, a £2 win-only Patent bet would cost £14.

The amount you earn from a Patent is determined by the number of winning selections and the odds of each pick. Because a Patent bet consists of single bets, only one of the selections must win for a return to be realized. However, the return would most certainly be less than the initial investment.

Three singles, three doubles, and a triple are among the four bets. A win-only Patent is depicted in the diagram below. Bets one, two, and three are singles, bets four, five, and six are doubles, and the seventh stake is a treble.

How does a Patent bet work?

How does a Patent bet work

A Patent bet combines the longer odds and big-win potential of a multiple bet with additional coverage that assures you’ll earn some return even if only one of your selected picks is a winner, owing to the inclusion of single bets.

While the reward if just one of the three picks wins is likely to be less than the original wager, the payout if all three wins will be more than in the case of an equal treble since the doubles and single bets will payout in addition to the treble.

Here’s an example of a Patent bet, which includes the three options listed below:

  • Horse A To Win the 13:50
  • Horse B To Win the 14:30
  • Horse C To Win the 15:10

The Patent also contains three doubles (Horse A and Horse B To Win, Horse B and Horse C To Win, Horse C and Horse A To Win), and a triple on all three horses To Win, for a total of seven bets.

If just one of horses A, B, or C wins, you will receive a payout on the associated single bet. The other six bets were doomed to fail. The other four bets were sure to fail.

If all three horses win, you will receive payouts on all seven bets — three singles, three doubles, and the treble.

What is the cost of a Patent bet?

What is the cost of a Patent bet

Each of the seven bets in the Patent is handled as a line. That means that each incurs its own cost. And your ‘per line’ investment is multiplied by seven to get the overall cost of the Patent. For example, if you bet £5 per line on a Patent, the total cost of the wager is £35 (£5 x 7).

In horse racing, how does a Patent bet work?

In horse racing, how does a Patent bet work

The earliest Patent bets are put on horse races, and horse racing continues to be the most popular activity for Patent betting today. It works just as shown in the preceding example. Pick three horses to compete in three separate races, with only one horse needed to win to earn a return. The more horses that win, the more money you’ll receive.

In football, how does a Patent bet work?

In football, how does a Patent bet work

Patent bets on football are getting increasingly common. It works the same way — pick one of the three separate matches, and you’ll earn a reward if only one of your picks wins. The more selections you receive, the more money you’ll win.

The beauty with Patent football bets is that you are not limited to winning markets. Any pick – and any combination of selections – may be added to your Patent, whether Win/Draw/Win, Teams to Score (BTTS), or another market.

Is it feasible for me to file a patent in both directions?

Check the ‘E/W’ box next to ‘Patent’ on your bet slip. When you place an each-way Patent bet, the number of bets you place doubles from 7 to 14. You are betting on each of your picks twice – once to win and once to place.

You might also back some of your horses to win and others to place. In such a case, check the ‘E/W’ box next to the horse you’re backing in your bet slip. The number of bets in your Patent will stay at seven.


A ‘Patent’ bet, like the Trixie bet, consists of three selections. However, there are seven unique bets inside this bet type owing to the inclusion of three singles. As a result, you have three singles, three doubles, and a treble in a Patent, which means that just one winner is required to lock in a return.

patent bet is several different bets combined into one, which means that if one does not secure a return, one of the others may. The world of dart betting tips and wins provides a plethora of chances, but many individuals are unaware of all of the betting alternatives available to them.

A Patent bet is one of these alternatives. If you’re not sure what sort of bet this is, keep reading to learn everything you need to know to place a Patent bet like an expert.

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