Top 10 Worst Places to Live in the UK

Top 10 Worst Places to Live in the UK


When we look at some of the worst places to live, what comes to our mind? What do you think are the reasons that locals and visitors can give the place such a title? Well, there could be many reasons like safety, neighbouring people, traffic, taxes and whatnot. So let’s look at the list of worst places to live in the UK.

Top 10 Worst Places to Live in the UK

1. Aylesbury

AylesburyThe county town of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England, is considered to be one of the most unpleasant places to live. With a population of over 150,000 people, this place is on top in terms of crime, traffic and impolite neighbours. 

The citizens say that you would need a full-on security system in place if you want to move here. Traffic jams are how the city invites you for a dreadful tour where you will also be met with very impolite residents of the area. 

2. Huddersfield

HuddersfieldThe town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire has also made it to the list of some of the most uncomfortable places to live in the United Kingdom. One of the significant problems with the town is that there’s not much to do. People from the city get really bored. There is nothing but some pound shops and a few coffee shops. 

Even the weather is not really good as it rains all the time. The few places that do serve food are not good and do not have high-quality dishes. The whole town just gives out a really dull vibe and overall feels very grey. 

3. Luton

LutonThe town of Luton, located near the city of London, gives you many reasons to call it some of the worst places to live in. This town is also considered one of the scariest places in the United Kingdom. Luton is also heavily remembered for its riots and football hooligans.

It is a very dull town with uninspiring and poor architecture—all in all, not a very pleasant place to stay at. 

4. Liverpool

LiverpoolAccording to the locals, Liverpool comes in one of the more famous cities of England, but it is still very unfavourable to live in. However, the city does not only have bad qualities. There are some excellent aspects like low house rates and good technology. 

But the negative aspects just far outweigh the positives. Liverpool has the lowest employment rate in the whole of the United Kingdom. Similarly, incomes in this part of the UK is also meagre. 

Due to lack of opportunities and low incomes, Liverpool is ranked among some of the worst places to live in the United Kingdom.

5. Peterborough

PeterboroughPeterborough’s town in England is one of the most unpleasant cities to live in. The people in this place are considered to be very aggressive, miserable and hostile, not at all helpful. The place is very unwelcoming and dull. You will feel very isolated from the rest of the world. 

6. Bolton

BoltonThe town of Bolton in great Manchester is also a really bad place to live and needs a lot of improvement. Some of the locals have gone so far as to say that Bolton is “the worst possible assault on the eye and mind possible in Britain.”


The place has nothing to do; no shops, no activity centres and bad views atop Rivington Pike. 

The town has a glorious past with active parts in the industrial revolution. But over the years, things have changed, and the place has deteriorated in quality. 

Regarding the people of the town, there prevails has high racism, homophobia and hateful attitudes towards poor people. The town has become culturally flawed and needs a miracle to redeem itself. 

7. Corby

CorbyThe city of Corby in Northamptonshire is listed in this listed for some good reasons. The town has been termed as being unpleasant to the eye and a nightmare. The town is known for its steel manufacturing.


Even locals believe that as somebody had once painted graffiti on the walls of the Corby bus station that read “Welcome to Hell!”

8. Jaywick

JaywickThe town of Jaywick is named one of the most deprived towns in England. The town is not well managed, and you will be able to see litter and garbage on the side of the roads. The authorities are choosing to ignore the circumstances. 

There is a culture of dark tourism in the town, and people only visit to see the rough and dangerous localities. The media in the town is also failing to portray the area in good light. 

The place is really unpleasant, and to some extent, it is tough to live here. 

9. Slough

SloughSlough is a town in the Berkshire county of England that is termed as a bland town. However, it was the host to one of the very popular sitcoms, “the office”, yet it is deemed to have a bad impression on the minds of people.

It is considered to be an ugly place with not much to do. 

The council has been seen to declare bankruptcy in the past, which is not a good sign for any town or county. There is a lack of opportunities, and people here are just miserable. 

So we can be conclusive enough that Slough has a lot to improve before it can find its way out of this list. 

10. Bradford

BradfordThis town is located in Western Yorkshire is also among the top place to not be in. With alarming employment rates, low incomes and high rent rates, the people of Bradford are facing real big problems. 

The locals complain about it being a drug industry and has bad drivings. There is next to no nightlife in the place and nothing much to do. The police department is also not friendly and allegedly racist. There’s also a lack of cultural diversity in the place. 

The place is too awful that the best aspect about the place is that it is closer to the better cities in the county like Leeds, Manchester and York. 

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