Top 10 Unusual Christening Gifts in UK

Top 10 Unusual Christening Gifts


A naming ceremony is of the lovable celebrations in the world. Every love the function where a baby will get his/her name. You can gift a baby with many useful products, but it should be heart touchable or a usable one. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Unusual Christening Gifts in UK.

Top 10 Unusual Christening Gifts

1. Gifting a Star

The most precious and unique christening gift you can give to the newborn child and its parents is a Star. Yes, that’s right, a real star in space. You can name a star after the baby, and it will be registered in the Star Registry. 

You can even design the present with a personal message dedicated to the baby or the parents. It would become one of the gifts that the recipients will surely remember for a long time. You can give them a certificate which signifies the same. 

It is a perfect choice as it’s unique, unusual and inexpensive. 

2. Sterling Silver Baby Bangle

Sterling Silver Baby Bangle

Gifting a sterling silver bangle for the baby is a pretty traditional gift and a very classy choice. These days, you can even find adjustable silver bangles to be usable for a long time, even when the baby grows. 

One thing that you have to make sure of is that the bangle should be hallmarked and refrain from giving artificial bangles. You can select appropriate designs as you like. 

You can get the baby’s name engraved on the bangle to make this gift unique and give it a personal touch.

3. Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

A kit that will allow the parents to record their child’s feet and hands in a frame for the rest of their lives is indeed a very precious and emotional gift. For parents, no matter how old their children become, they will always be their babies. 

So, this would be a fantastic reminder to the parents that their child is still their cute baby. He will grow up and have something to save as his earliest impressions. It is a great gift that will provide a long-lasting memory for the child. 

4. Engraved Wooden Stool

Engraved Wood Stool

This gift is handy and will prove beneficial to the baby and the parents shortly. You can gift a wooden stool as a christening gift to the baby with their name or a special message engraved on it. 

This would serve as a long term memory of the gesture and serve as a great utility item for the household. It can even become the child’s favourite chair. It can become an item that holds a heavy emotional value in the kid’s mind. 

5. Lifestory Journal and Personal Dairy

These journals can be used for all purposes but can be an excellent way for the parents to document some of the most crucial moments of their child’s first few years. The book usually has about 1000 pages which will easily cover up more than three years of the kid’s life even if the parents are very regular with it. 

The book has lined and plain pages where pictures can be stuck. It gives a lot of room to the parents and lets them be more creative with the way they want to create this journal. 

Reading the journal can be an extraordinary moment for the child when they grow up. 

6. Music Boxes

Music Boxes

Children love to engage with music boxes. Whether it be a popular rhyme or a prayer like “Jesus loves me”, children love to engage with music boxes. It is a lovely gift as the right music has a significant impact on the child’s brain, also calming them down. 

Usually, the music boxes do not even need batteries to function, and they are children’s favourite toys while growing up. If the child connects with the music box, it is sure that they will save it for a long time, and it will surely remind them of you. 

7. Sterling Silver Cross Pendant

Sterling Silver Pearl Cross Pendant

A cross pendant for a christening gift is traditional in the United Kingdom. People have forgotten about gifts like these, which might hold great value for the child and its parent.

The pendant I am talking about is unique since it will have a modern look and a genuine freshwater pearl in the middle of the cross. The freshwater pearl signifies and symbolises purity, harmony and humility. Now that is what will make it a unique and thoughtful gift. 

Again, you need to make sure you get the right size of the pendant, not too big and not too small. The pendant should also be hallmarked and original sterling silver. 

8. Personalised Pillows and Blankets

Babies and kids love sleeping. They sleep a lot, and I have noticed that all kids have a favourite blanket and a pillow without which they do not go to sleep. 

When you gift a personalised pillow and blanket as a gift to the child with a personal touch. Chances are they will have a very deep-rooted connection with that blanket and pillow and will be their favourite ones. 

It will be a lovely gift because it is practical and children love these small things. 

9. Open a Savings Account

This gift is a very thoughtful and unconventional one. If you are close to the parents and the child, you can open up a savings account for the child. This will help the kid and the parents in the future and is also a very impactful gesture that will show the parents that you care about them and their child. 

You can even gift a personalised and customised money-saving jar to help the kid inhibit a good habit of saving money. It will be an exceptional one. 

10. Musical Snow Globe

Musical Snow Globe

This Snow Globe is sure to bring a smile to the kid’s face, and what is more precious than that. The snow globe will make the child’s imagination run wild, which will be great for mental development. And they are likely to preserve and save it for the rest of their lives. 

You can also get this with their name written on it or with a message, but you would have to put a lot more effort into that as it is harder to find a custom snow globe. But that will take your gift to the next level, and the kid will have an emotional bond with the gift. Also, you can prefer the Beanie Boos which is one of the best toy for your kids as a Christmas gift.

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