7 Tips to Clear Any Blocked Drain in 2023

7 Tips to clear any blocked drain

You might need some help with a clogged drainage system. It can block your kitchen sink, bathroom shower line, an empty bathtub, or toilet. It’s time to know the tips and new possible ways to clear your blocked drain in 2023.

Any Drains Direct Kent is a company that can help find a way out to clear any blocked drain in your house if you are residents of Kent. But first, you should know the primary tips to do it yourself.

 7 Tips to Clear any Blocked Drain

Blocked drains are one of the most common daily plumbing and cleaning business problems in the UK. Here’s a look at the primary actions available for your home improvements

1. Pour boiling water

Pour boiling water

Pouring boiling water into the drain can be an easy and quick fix for your blocked drain. In most cases, you need not have any drastic measures to dissolve the blockage. Use only this method on a pipe made of metal or ceramic. A joint of a PVC pipe can be loosened by pouring hot water. However, in solid blockages, you need to call some experts. Therefore, Drainage Company in Dartford or other UK places might help you get rid of this trouble.

2. Plunger

A plunger can clear a blocked drain or a clogged toilet in your home. You have to make sure to cover any overflow spouts, to begin with plunging. So, you can get a strong seal. The up-and-down pressure created by a plunger can help you loosen any blockages. It is most useful for solid jams. However, it’s not effective on grease build-up and mineral deposits.

3. DIY Natural Cleaner

DIY Natural Cleaner

Sometimes it’s better to make a DIY with white vinegar and baking soda. You should put bicarbonate of soda in the drain, after vinegar. You need to cover the drain to prevent the bubbling from the mixture. The chemical reaction from these two helps to produce oxygen, which scours inside the pipe and drains all the clogs.

4. Use a drain snake

A drain snake usage can be an effective tool if your water pipes have heavy blockages. The spinning coil at the cable’s end rotates fast and chips away at the clog until it has been drained. However, it may damage your pipes. Therefore, you must try the other methods first. Drain snakes that plumbers use are available at most hardware stores. So, if you want you can buy them.

5. Hydro-jet


Hydro-jets make pressure and force a powerful stream of water through your pipe. The pressure moves the blockage through the pipes and out so you can get the natural flow of water. This is much safer than snaking. However, it’s not as effective for any solid blockages.

6. Use CCTV

When snaking can’t do anything good for you, you can use CCTV to identify where the blockage is and how extensive it is. Any Drains Direct Kent use this method to clear water pipes. They usually insert a camera with a tool similar to a snake. You can try it on your own to make a solution to it.

7. Excavation


In case of severe drain blockage, excavation is necessary. A Drainage Company in Dartford and other places may help you with digging and repairing or replacing the water pipe. A plumber can identify the actual location of the blockage in your line. They know which tube needs excavation. Although this approach is not always necessary, it can save your pipe from extensive damage.


In conclusion, try these tips for mild to moderate blockage in your pipework. However, if your primary methods fail, you should go for an expert solution. After all, it would be best if you always had perfect waterworks in your home.

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