Real-time Passenger Information – What is It and How Does It Work?

Real-time passenger information -What is it and how does it work


Transit agencies are continuously incorporating modern technology to improve the efficiency of transport networks, which can include the use of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

These systems can provide innovative real-time passenger information intended to make riders’ journeys safer and smarter.

This article outline real-time passenger information and how it works with passengers and transport networks.

In addition, we will explain how this element of intelligent transport systems can keep your business in front of customers’ minds and provide an effective, modernized way of travelling.

Keep reading to find out more.

What is real-time passenger information?

What is real-time passenger information

Real-time passenger information is a system that provides riders with updates about their upcoming or current journeys, providing accurate data precisely when they need it. The information can be shared through on-platform, on-vehicle, and on-street displays.

The displays can share live and helpful travel updates, including arrivals, departures, schedules, and information regarding any delays or disruptions to avoid mistakes while travelling. They can also outline any environmental information that can possibly disturb journeys.

The information provided is vital for riders, as they can pre-plan their journeys and change any routes accordingly. Passenger complaints could be reduced by having full visibility of the trip and its duration.

How can real-time passenger information be provided?

It’s important for passengers to have access to information regarding their journey at any time to help improve the way they travel.

These are some of the ways riders can receive updates and keep abreast with any possible changes:

  • Smartphone applications – Riders can familiarize themselves with information on arrivals and departures or check if there are any delays with their chosen service.
  • Information displays – These are installed at points of the route, showing constant updates through either visual or voice means.
  • Automatic public address systems – These systems adapt to the needs of any passengers who may be blind or visually impaired.

Each of these displays provides riders with real-time information, intending to give them more control over their journeys.

Information displays

Information displays

Public transport passenger information can be displayed in a variety of ways, ranging from small to large indoor or outdoor displays. These could be placed in terminals and onboard transport or seen as outdoor displays in bays and bus stops.

The tech solution used for the display brightness can differ depending on the light situation. Each display is created specifically for the location it will be placed for maximum readability and efficiency.

For example, if a display is outside, the best technology will be chosen to ensure it remains readable even in bright sunlight.

How can this improve customer satisfaction?

How can this improve customer satisfaction

If a transport operator has real-time passenger information readily available, it’s likely riders will trust the information provided.

Passengers will be more likely to use the same operator again, as they have full control over planning their journey and are aware of any delays that might occur. In turn, this could reduce complaints and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Therefore, more revenue could be generated for your transportation agency through passenger trust and loyalty.

As you can see, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), real-time passenger information and the use of modern technology have considerably impacted the way transportation agencies operate and how they’re continuing to improve the experience for both operators and riders.

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