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The Patent Bet consists of three Singles and is a Full Cover Bet, three Doubles, and a Treble for seven bets. If you start with a €2 investment for each bet, your total cumulative stake will be €14 (i.e., €2 x 7 bets).

The most significant advantage of Patents is that even one winning pick may give you some money back. On the other hand, even one lousy selection significantly influences the possible returns, which is a disadvantage.

You may mix a team to win the Premier League, a tennis player to win the French Open, and a team to win the NBA title in the same bet.

The Patent Bet Calculator will calculate how much you stand to earn based on the outcome, whether you’re placing a single bet or a complicated multiple. It’s pretty simple to use and quickly calculates your profits. Enter your stake and select the type of wager you wish to place.

What is a Patent Bet?

what is patent bet

Calculating returns won’t help you much if you don’t understand how Patent bets operate. With that in mind, let us begin with the fundamentals. The lowest complete coverage combination bet with singles is a Patent bet. What precisely does this mean? A complete coverage bet comprises multiple individual bets merged into all possible accumulators with that number of selections.

In the Patent instance, three choices add up to four accumulators. However, what we’ve just explained is known as a Trixie bet. Patents vary in one important way: they include the selection of a single!

A Patent comprises three singles and any potential combination of doubles (selections 1 and 2, selections 1 and 3, and selections 2 and 3.) All of this adds up to seven bets. However, given that the only significant difference between this and a Trixie bet is a few singles, it’s not that difficult.

Like most of its sort, this system begins as a popular alternative for horse racing. Although it is most common in this sector, most bookmakers now provide Patent bets as an option regardless of the sport or bet type.

Why Use a Patent Bet?

This type of betting has several noticeable benefits and drawbacks. Some are shared with Trixie’s bets. Patents are employed to maximize profits from only three forecasts. It isn’t easy to make a good dart betting forecast, and when you do, complete coverage bets are a terrific method to maximize your earnings.

Furthermore, diversifying your bets in this manner is a tried and effective risk reduction strategy. If two of your picks win, you are assured to at least recoup your initial investment.

Patent bets and any other combination bets that incorporate singles take these concepts further. You will only utilize your whole stake if all of your picks fail. Even a single win will net you some profits.

Don’t be misled — if only one pick wins, none of the accumulators will, so you won’t even make back your bet (unless you play enormous odds, which is not a good idea in most situations).

The most significant advantage of Patent bets is that they provide a decent balance between the safety of singles and the profit possibilities of accumulators. However, much like Trixie, there are certain drawbacks to Patent bets.

Splitting your wager considerably necessitates a high investment or breaking your money into tiny bits. Each bet, even singles, must have an equal stake for any of this to function. It can rapidly add up if you want to play for substantial sums.

For example, a Patent of the identical selections would demand seven times the investment as a basic treble Acca.

A Patent appears to Trixies to be safer at first appearance, but it is precisely the reverse. Patents offer a higher potential return due to the increased number of wagers. However, if they fail, you might lose a lot of money.

Don’t be fooled by the gambler’s fallacy, which holds that at least one of your bets must win. Nothing is ever certain in the realm of gambling.

What is Patent Bet Calculator?

what is patent bet calculator

The Patent Bet Calculator calculates the bet, return, and profit for Patents, permed from up to 20 selections if necessary, using the same extensive set of parameters as the Free Bet Calculator.

Bet calculators, which eliminate the possibility of human mistakes, allow bettors to understand what their prospective winnings may be. Depending on how your picks fared, you can do it before or after settling the bet.

How To Use the Patent Bet Calculator

Using the bet calculator should be relatively simple after figuring out how Patent bets operate. To begin, choose the odds format you wish to view – fractional, decimal, or US Moneyline. Before proceeding, you must also decide if your choices are each-way or not.

You should also set your stake at this stage. You also have two choices: you may enter the total stake for all seven individual bets or enter it as a stake per bet. Keep in mind the choice you’ve chosen because it might significantly impact your overall wagering amount.

The following stage is to deal with the choices themselves. In most circumstances, it is just a matter of determining the odds and whether or not the bet was successful.

However, because Patents are initially developed for horse racing, there are some additional choices for this activity. You can, for example, make Rule 4 an option.

Rule 4 is a system of odds modifications if a horse withdraws from the race. You also can bet on a dead heat or a non-runner. Once you’ve set all of the settings to your liking, press calculate and let it do the rest.


A Patent comprises three selections competing in different events, which are pooled to make seven bets based on a Treble, three Doubles, and a Single for each pick. Regarding Patent Bet Calculator, when you place a wager with an online bookmaker, they usually show you the possible payment.

It is visible on your digital betting slip before pressing the Bet button. It also works when a patent bet is used. Furthermore, bets are handled instantly with online bookmakers so that you may see your rapid returns already deposited into your betting amount.

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