How much does a Divorce cost in the UK?

How much does a Divorce cost in the UK


There can be a lot of reasons for a couple to part ways, be it their incompatibility or their difference in thoughts. The final decision always lies with the couple. However, separating the paths does not mean simple bidding adieu; there is a legal procedure of divorce involved in the same.

Although it is a bit pessimistic to talk about the cost of divorce, it is an important subject to know about. There are different types of costs involved in the process of divorce. However, the average cost of divorce in the United Kingdom is considered to be £14,561 in terms of legal procedure and personal lifestyle.

This is just an approximate cost of divorce, and it might increase if the couples involve property or any other possessions in the matter. For example, if the couple wishes to shift out of their home, according to some reports, the average cost would come to around £35,000 on rent.

Moreover, if they wish to purchase a new property altogether, the cost might reach upto about £144,600 for a new house. However, this is not the end of your bunch of expenses. So let’s take a sneak peek into the different expenses involved in a divorce.

How much does a Divorce cost in the UK? – Factors affecting the variation in divorce costs

The average divorce cost can vary from an individual to individual due to the following factors:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce
  • The complex financial settlements that might involve family, property development, or children
  • Solving the matter without legal advice, seeking professional help, or taking the matter to court.

The average cost of the lawyer

The Average Cost of a Lawyer

The charges of a lawyer differ from lawyer to lawyer and it mainly depends upon how you would pay the fee, whether it would be a fixed amount or based on hours utilized. In case of an undisputed divorce, the fees might be lower than the ones involving financial settlements or in case of complicated cases.

Cost for financial settlement

Not all divorce cases are solved peacefully. There are a lot of settlements and complexities involved. Financial settlement is an additional cost in divorce cases. In a basic uncomplicated settlement cost, the amount is around

£300 plus VAT registered, and an additional £50 charged by the court.

If the matters are too complex, the cost might rise upto £1,500. Moreover, if some of the couples involve an intermediary in getting a settlement, then there is an additional cost of around £100 per hour. There can be approximately three to four such intermediary sessions. So you can imagine the rise in costs.

What is the cost of an uncontested divorce?

What is the Cost of an Uncontested Divorce

Most divorce cases are uncontested, and the costs differ in different scenarios. For instance, if you suggest a divorce, you will be considered the petitioner and are required to pay an approximate fee of £450 to £950 to the lawyer.

Moreover, a sum of £550 has to be given to the divorce centre, raising the total amount to around £1,000 to £1,500. The divorce centre fee is compulsory and cannot be avoided under any circumstances. The only exception will be if you are financially ineligible to pay the sum.

Contrary to this, if you are the other partner, who has not suggested a divorce initially, you will be considered the respondent. In this case, there is no divorce centre fee involved, and the lawyer’s fee is also quite low; thus, your total sum can be £240 to £600.

What is the average court fee for a divorce?

If you cannot agree on similar terms, the further step can only be to move to the court. Then, you have to apply for adjudication, for which the average charge is £255 and the fees of the lawyer additionally. This lawyer fee might raise the charge between £10,000 to £15,000. It will be the scenario if your matter is solved in a few court hearings. Extended court dates can only lead to extended costs.

Many couples wish to have a completely contested court divorce, wherein each side would be given an opportunity to put forth their views. However, in this case, the judge will give the final judgment, and the average costs would shoot up to approximately £25,000 to £30,000.

What is the cost in case of arbitration?

What is the Cost in case of Arbitration

The court is not always a place where the couple might visit for a divorce; often, many such matters involve family arbitration. In such a scenario, there is a third party who would decide after hearing the views of both sides. In other words, you are hiring someone to take the final decision for you.

Thus, seeking assistance from an experienced and qualified arbitrator is significant. In the case of uncomplicated cases, the arbitrator can charge a specific fee amount. The complex cases demand an hourly fee. The arbitration costs vary from £220 per hour.

Average costs for the Online Divorce

Several couples seek assistance from online portals for their divorce, as it can be dealt with quickly online. However, despite a quick process, there are a lot of expenses involved. The average cost is £792, which includes the solicitor’s cost and the court fees.

Child Maintenance costs involved in divorce

If the children are involved in a divorce, then there are maintenance costs to be settled as well. If you cannot come to a specific amount for child maintenance, it can be calculated for you by the Child Maintenance Service. The cost is calculated considering the following factors:

  • The average income of the parent paying the sum
  • Time the children spend with the paying parent
  • The number of children

Based on these, a specific amount is finalized, which the paying parent has to provide for the child’s maintenance.


There are different kinds of costs involved in a divorce. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is better to settle the matters as quickly as possible. However, if you do not have the financial means to carry out the processes, you can also be qualified for legal aid, and the divorce can take place with minimum costs.

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